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Unter den Linden



Unter den Linden is a major point of tourist attraction within the city of Berlin . The word "Unter den Linden" means under the linden trees. The place also has high historical importance, in the year 1647, many Linden trees were planted and with advancement of time it became the most beautiful garden of Berlin . It extends from Pariser Platz at the Brandenburg Gate and remains up to the Schlossbrücke Bridge . Over the years, different changes have been made to beautify the place.


While traveling to Berlin , it is a good idea to visit the place; to be frank it is an ideal resting place. There are also plenty of coffee shops and restaurants available.Unter de Linden connects Bebelplatz, Pariser Platz and, after crossing the Schlossbrücke, the Lustgarten and Museum Island . There are plenty of buildings in these places that attract the visitors. While sightseeing, the visitors take a break and enjoy the garden. It is worth mentioning that though during the Second World War Hitler ordered the trees to be chopped down; ultimately the trees of Unter den Lenden remained. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Lustgarten, the previous parade ground has been made gardens. Different sight-seeing tours include trips to Unter de Linden.


It is quite easy to visit the garden while staying at Berlin , there are plenty of accommodation facilities. Hotels are beautiful and serviced apartments are well equipped. It is advisable to book an accommodation facility before visiting Berlin . There are different websites of the Berlin hotels and it is indeed a good idea to browse through them to get better idea. Almost all of the hotels can be booked online just with few clicks of mouse. Renovation of Unter de garden after unification of Germany has made it more attractive and numbers of visitors have considerably increased.


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