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It's amazing to know that Berlin can be ranked amongst the highest scorers of number of museums holders throughout the world. Despite of the major losses suffered in 1933 and 1945, it has been able to persist so many historical evidences for the future generations. Even today, the national museum of Berlin consists of about 16 museums, each covering his competitive space.


In total, there are over 170 museums and collections that stand in Berlin to wave the path from ancient looks to ultra-modern paradigm. The collections and museums are hugely diversified, thus, are the interest centers of most of the visitors, unlike other countries. They are well maintained and pretty signifying how were the things in the past to what all have changed.


It may not be possible for a visitor to go through all the museums; hence there are some museums that enjoy an upper hand over other museums. The most recently visited museums are:

•  Old national gallery: this is considered to be a paradise for researchers and history lovers. It entails all the sculptures and paintings of 19 th century. The art works are beautifully placed and these paintings get the romantic Germany alive. The masterpiece of David Friedrich and Karl Blechen are well displayed for the visitors here.

•  Jewish museum: Jewish museum, Berlin is considered to be a landmark for Jewish culture covering the two millennia of Jewish history. It was originally founded in 1933, however, was closed by Nazi regime in 1938. However, it was re-established in 1978 and soon by 1999 it achieved its independent status.

•  New national gallery: it is a magnificent building that holds a true sense of modern architecture. The other name for this gallery may be termed as the “the temple of glass”. It consists paintings and sculptures of modern art and interesting features of ultra-modern exhibitions.

•  Old museum: it is located at SMB- the museum island. It just not rank the top in the visitor's list because of its Egyptian culture but the exhibitions placed at it is worth having a look. Thanks to the food café that offer excellent source to cater the needs of the visitors.

•  Pergamon museum: it is considered to be the prime museum for visitors. It witness near about 900,000 visitors a year. This figure itself says all about the outstanding collections of it. It is located in the museum island and caters to quench the thirst of people who seek to know more and more about eh history richness of Berlin.

•  German museum of technology: as the name suggests, it carries the ultra modern technology of Germany. it is the perfect place for tech-freaks that throws a sheer combination of information and evolution of air-travel, railways and cars. Thanks to shipping and aviation exhibits that interest the tech-lovers and hence, attracts more and more visitor. Moreover, regular workshops at science spectrum carry the heart of interest for many visitors.

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