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Airport Tegel - Berlin, Germany

Berlin International Airport in Tegel is located at Berlin , Germany . The airport is often called “Frequent Flyer airport” and this is the busiest airport of Berlin . The airport is supposed to close in the year 2011 after a new terminal expansion. The air traffic management of this air port is amazing and it is one of the most important of Europe .


Tegel airport is well connected with the city and there are several ways of reaching the central part of the city. To be precise, this airport is about 7 kilometers away from the city centre. The airport has a post office and an ATM to serve the international passengers in a better way. The TXL JetExpressBus runs with an interval of 10-15 minutes and these buses go to the city centre. There are also taxi services available.


Tegel airport hosts direct flights that fly between different European, Turkish, Russian, and Arabian cities. It is also an important transit destination for several Asian flights. The two non-stop flight services between New York City and Newark attract plenty of passengers. These two flights are of Delta Airlines and Continental Airlines respectively. Few important flights that fly through Tegal Airport are as follows:


•  DeutscheBA flies between the cities of Cologne , Berlin , Munich , Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Hamburg

•  Germania is Berlin based and it flies to Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Munich ;

•  Germanwings is Cologne and Stuttgart based, it flies to Berlin and Dresden ;

•  Volare flies between Berlin-Schönefeld and Frankfurt-Hahn.


International flights from all major destination of the world land at Tegal airport. There are proper refreshment arrangements within the airport and the coffee shops serve fresh blend of coffee. There are also few accommodation facilities available nearer to the airport. The website of Tegal airport in interactive and it provides plenty of essential information.

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