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Airport Schönenfeldt in Berlin, Germany

Airport Schönenfeldt is an international airport, situated in the town of Schönefeld of Brandenburg , nearer to the southern border of Berlin . This is popularly known as “The Holiday Airport.” Actually people from Berlin avails this flight for going abroad for a tour or holiday and thus it has got the name “The Holiday Airport”. This airport is situated out of the proper city of Berlin . Considering the added advantages of using an airport outside the city parameters, Schönefeld will be made the Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport in 2011.Actually airports within the city creates sound pollution and for this reason this airport is undergoing renovation.


The airport is well connected with different parts of Berlin through railway and the nearest railway station is Berlin-Schönefeld Flughafen railway station. The airport is also served with mainline railways and different buses as well. This international airport has four different terminals namely Terminal A, Terminal B, Terminal C and Terminal D.This airport is well decorated and offer all essential facilities for the international travelers, some of the facilities offered are like currency exchange and money transfer. There are also different coffee shops and boutiques in the airport. This airport is used as transits by different flights. Some of the major airlines that fly from this airport are as follows:


•  Aeroflot

•  Brussels Airlines

•  Croatia Airlines

•  EgyptAir

•  Macedonian Airlines

•  Norwegian Air Shuttle

•  Sky Airlines

•  Syrian Arab Airlines

•  Turkish Airlines

•  Arkia Israel Airlines


Airport Schönenfeldtis's air traffic management has been good, the airport is well decorated and it is indeed a pleasure to fly from this airport. Almost all of the leading global air carriers fly from here. The website of this airport is interactive and provides essential information for the travelers. From 2011, significance of this airport will further increase as number of flights will be much more and it will be the most important airport of Berlin .

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